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Lal Legal PLC can conveniently and efficiently represent clients located anywhere in the United States or abroad on federal law matters. The first step is scheduling an initial consultation to study a prospective client’s legal situation and analyze the facts of the case. The consultation is confidential and privileged, and is conducted with an attorney in over the phone or via a video call. During a typical consultation, we take whatever time is necessary to fully understand the situation in order to determine what relief may be available to you, your company, or your loved ones.

For a small consult fee, we make sure to explain the relevant laws and how they apply to your specific case. During your consultation, we will also provide detailed information on the overall process and discuss your individual issues, risks, and benefits, and present you with your options. We will answer all your questions and make sure you understand the potential risks involved with choosing any of the options available to you.

If you are out of status and wish to know your immigration options (if any), we highly recommend completing our initial client intake questionnaire prior to the appointment to maximize time with the attorney but it is not a requirement.

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Due to COVID-19, all consults are being held over the phone or through a video service such as Google Meet and/or Zoom. You can make an appointment for a consult online here.

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