Our client, CG, has been a lawful permanent resident since 1990. Unfortunately, he got into trouble with the law, obtained a conviction for a firearms offense in California in 1997. After a DUI conviction in 2011, ICE apprehended and detained CG. They placed him in removal proceedings for the firearms conviction. While he eventually prevailed in court by obtaining cancellation of removal, an error in the ruling allowed ICE to continue to pursue his deportation.

A few months after he hired us, we filed a motion to reopen and terminate the case with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), contending that CG was not even deportable due to his firearms conviction due to an intervening law that his previous lawyer had missed. Through our filing, we were able to persuade ICE counsel to withdraw their appeal, and finally, restored the ruling of the immigration judge. CG is now a lawful permanent resident once again.

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