Our client, Roberto, had previously served in the U.S. marines. He came to us because his mother was undocumented, and he wanted to sponsor her.

This was tricky because his mother had not entered the United States lawfully, and so she needed either a waiver of unlawful presence or some way of gaining legal admission or parole.

Luckily for Roberto, a little known Obama-era program called parole-in-place for family members of U.S. military personnel and enlistees, allowed us to obtain parole for his mother at the local USCIS field office. This gave her a lawful entry for purposes of obtaining a green card, and lawful presence in the United States while we worked to file her green card application.

After a wait of a year, Roberto’s mother was finally able to adjust her status to a lawful permanent resident.  Soon, we will assist her with her citizenship application.

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