EF is a citizen and national of Canada, who studied in the United States and was on OPT status when we first met. She had studied social work, and had a job offer from a company based in the United States. She had no family ties to the United States, and did not want to resort to marriage as a way of gaining lawful permanent residence.

After an initial consult, we ascertained that she was eligible to continue working on a TN (NAFTA) visa for her employer for the next three years. Due to all the negotiations with regards to NAFTA, we had to move fast as no one knew whether the program would survive the Trump Administration

We worked with her and the new company to compile the entire TN visa packet, which she presented to Customs and Border (CBP) when she was ready to switch from OPT to TN visa status in the United States. After a quick interview, she was approved and is currently working in the United States.

You can read more about TN visas here.

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