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Your attorney should go beyond providing reliable and effective representation. They should give you peace of mind, protect you and your family, optimize your assets, improve community relations, all while outsmarting and outperforming the competition. At Lal Legal, A Professional Law Corporation, we continue our strong tradition of creating history, setting new precedents, and pioneering innovative ways of protecting our clients and community.

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Lal Legal was founded to provide clients across the country with comprehensive representation in immigration matters such as investor and employment visas, family-based immigration, removal defense, appeals, and more. Attorney Prerna Lal understands that effectively navigating the legal system is a challenging process, and works hard and smart to support clients.


As a California-based law firm, we are strongly rooted in our clients, community values and community relations. At Lal Legal, we are committed to building a client-driven culture that centers our clients. We want you to know that we have your back, and we are invested in helping you tell your story, solving your problems, communicate in your language and work on your schedule.

National Recognition

Attorney Prerna Lal is a nationally-renowned civil rights advocate with a long history of advocating for immigrants. A highly-respected expert in the field, Attorney Prerna Lal keeps up with changes in the law, and their vast knowledge and diverse networks across the country oftentimes makes the difference between a good result and a great one

Clients & Testimonials

At Lal Legal, clients are family. We are immensely proud of the Lal Legal family and the relationships we have built with clients. Here, we share their observations on what it is like to work with us, and be part of the Lal Legal family.

I am a recipient of a rare legislation known as ‘private immigration bill' that granted me legal permanent residency. At her former law firm, Prerna was instrumental and played a crucial role in getting my private bill passed. She counseled me through the intense investigation by the United States Senate Judiciary Committee and the USCIS; she was available and was in constant communication with me even on weekends. She provided me her cell phone number for easy access to her because of the intense investigation and questions from the Senate judiciary committee. Prerna demonstrated high level of professionalism and good mastery of immigration law. She went above and beyond to ensure the passage of my private bill. Prerna is someone who feels passionate about helping people in legal needs; she didn’t have U.S permanent resident status herself at the time, and yet she worked tirelessly to help me get a residency status. It shows the kind of person she is.

Victor Chukwueke - Immigration Client

``I was in deportation proceedings pending an asylum claim. Though I sought help from a number of immigration attorneys in NC and CA, none could truly empathize with my situation; but Prerna did. She understood the precariousness of my situation, and she understood how my legal situation had impacted me in the past and how it could impact my future. She always made me feel that I was in good hands; and with her help, my asylum claim was approved in April 2016. Even though I moved across the country, I still reach out to her from time-to-time with questions or concerns, and she has always been more than helpful and extremely responsive. I highly recommend her to anyone.``

Israel R. - Immigration Client

``I got screwed over by my past employer and was a victim of H1B visa fraud. As the result, I spiraled from a non-immigrant visa to undocumented in a blink of an eye. I went to so many clinics and asked so many lawyers, but no one seemed to be able to help. Luckily, I happened to meet Prerna for consultation by chance. She was very patience and emphatic to my situation. She went above and beyond and agree to help me to get justice. She laid out my options that I might qualify for and explained in detail the pros and cons. Not only did she always make time for me when I needed, she was also willing to answer any question I had. My visa was approved and I got back into legal status thanks to her. I am now on a pathway to citizenship! Her knowledge of immigration law is significantly superb compared to others. And she cares deeply for her clients who are the minority and may not always have the resources. She helps us navigate a complicated system and helped us achieve a better future in the legal way. I would recommend anyone to seek her legal service. She reached out and solved my problems when no one else could. I am forever grateful and in her debt.``

Lee W. - Immigration Client

Prerna Lal has been great to work with. Prerna is quick to respond to any question that I have and answers my questions fully. Prerna has helped us, my family and I, every step of the way with our case. Prerna has provided me comfort and security so I can focus on myself so that I can get well and be able to focus on my journey at UC Berkeley and not have to worry about everything else. Prerna is professional, calm, caring, and very well versed in the law. I am very grateful for everything that Prerna has done for me.

Anny Patino - Immigration Client

I had a serious and complicated removal case. My previous lawyer handled my case for 8 years without result but Prerna handled my case in less than a year with a good result. My daughter and I got our greencards. Prerna is very professional and knows how to handle tough cases. Knowing her is a blessing in our lives because she gave us hope and helped us live legally in this country.

Dina Kurniadi - Immigration Client

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