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For more than a decade, Prerna Lal has helped entrepreneurs, business leaders, corporations, small firms and non-profits in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond pursue growth and excellence, to employ thousands of people, and to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams.


Our lawyers play a crucial role in helping individuals and companies navigate the complex legal requirements and processes associated with immigration for business purposes.


We support businesses, small and large, through periods of expansion, succession, and all other important transitions. Our job is to help create the conditions for you to achieve sustainable success today and for the future by developing a strategic immigration plan tailored to meet your goals and needs.


Your Lal Legal lawyer is passionate about business, attentive to detail, and committed to giving you the edge as you navigate the challenges and opportunities of business leadership.

Lal Legal lawyers have helped to create and staff several successful Bay Area enterprises. 

Business Immigration


How Does A Government Shutdown Impact Your Immigration Case?

Overall, a government shutdown can have a significant impact on immigration, both for individuals and businesses. It is important to be aware of the potential consequences of a shutdown and to plan accordingly. If you are concerned about how a government shutdown may affect your individual immigration case, you should contact an immigration attorney for advice.


USCIS Updates CSPA Policy Protecting More Children From Aging Out

Under this new guidance, USCIS will now use the Dates for Filing chart to calculate an applicant’s age for CSPA purposes, which will provide applicants for adjustment of status more certainty about their eligibility to adjust status. If these derivative children are eligible to adjust status because of the change in policy and they have filed for adjustment of status, they will also be eligible to apply for employment and travel authorization based on their pending adjustment of status application.