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Lal Legal, A Professional Law Corporation, is a law firm based in California with a client-centered approach. We specialize in federal immigration and tax law for clients across the United States and abroad. Clients come to Lal Legal APLC from many parts of the world, seeking assistance and representation on a myriad of complex immigration and tax issues. Based in Berkeley, California, the firm strives to provides clients with high quality, competent and personable legal representation.

At Lal Legal APLC, our clients come first: meeting your needs and expectations is the primary goal. Quite often, Prerna Lal, Esq. tops the list of who people across the United States call for advice, feedback, complicated legal matters or as a last resort. Attorney Lal has handled thousands of cases through their many years in law practice, and maintains an enviably high rate of success. No matter what the problem, we work hard and smart for the benefit of our clients and community.

Our law firm uses modern-day technology to assist clients in many parts of the United States and abroad through most of our clients live in the San Francisco Bay Area including Alameda County, Contra Costa, San Francisco, Solano, Marin, San Mateo, Napa, Santa Clara, and Sonoma, as well as Sacramento, the Central Valley, and the Central Coast.

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