AB&C Bilingual Resources: Continuing to Connect Communities through COVID-19

As part of our community outreach efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be highlighting local immigrant and minority-owned businesses that you can support during these times. If you’re a client or community member who wishes to be highlighted, please contact us!

Nelson Mandela once said, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language that goes to his heart.” Proudly displayed in both English and Spanish on the website’s home page, this quote exemplifies the mission, vision, and services of AB&C Bilingual Resources, LLC.

Created by Angelica, Brenda & Claudia Amaro, AB&C Bilingual Resources is based in Wichita, Kansas, but serves all businesses and nonprofits throughout the United States, aiming to enhance communication despite language barriers. The business began when the founders realized the potential 1.7 trillion dollar Hispanic buying power that remained largely inaccessible to local businesses that could not afford the limited, expensive, and city-based bi-cultural marketing agencies. At first, AB&C Bilingual Resources was a translation company focused on businesses and nonprofits, but it has now grown to be a marketing consulting firm with Bilingual Content Creators. They provide Bilingual Social Media Management, Bilingual Marketing Consulting, In Person/Video/Over the Phone Interpreting, as well as Translation of Documents, with wide backgrounds in education, law, medicine, and non-profit services. Through their professional and reliable services, AB&C Bilingual Resources is able to foster understanding among a diverse group of people, placing emphasis on creating positive customer relationships.

Unlike other agencies, AB&C Bilingual Resources goes beyond simple language translation and acts as a cultural bridge between English and Spanish speakers. In the words of Claudia A. Yaujar-Amaro, the business is based on the belief that “…the Hispanic community deserves the respect of good advertising and translation services,” that avoid cultural insensitivity and allow for consumer comprehension.

Furthermore, their attention to their clients has not faltered even throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic. Although they are working from home and following safety regulations, AB&C Bilingual Resources has continued their efforts to inform the Latinx Community. Through the help of a grant from the Wichita Community Foundation, social media, and their outstanding services to their clientele, they continue to grow and offer opportunities to minority groups. Presently, AB&C Bilingual Resources employs two other young immigrants as supporting interns.

AB&C Bilingual Resources recognizes the importance of helping others grow, promote, and expand their businesses through gaining the loyalty of the Hispanic consumer market. To help promote AB&C Bilingual Resources so that they can continue to aid American businesses during these times, you can give them the opportunity to help your own enterprise. Additionally, you can follow, share, repost, and like posts on their Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

It’s important to recognize and cater to all of the diversity in today’s market; with the help of AB&C Bilingual Resources, you can help your business expand to reach more customers, gaining an inclusive consumer base.

Image Credit: AB&C Bilingual Resources

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