Broken Promises at the Border: How Biden Is Abandoning Migrants

When President Biden ran for office, he promised a break from the cruel and restrictive immigration policies of his predecessor, Donald Trump. Yet, three years into his term and with re-election looming, a stark reality has set in: the dream of a humane and just immigration system seems to be fading faster than a desert mirage. Recent developments paint a disturbing picture of an administration seemingly backpedaling on its once-bold commitments, leaving countless migrants stranded in a morass of broken promises and unfulfilled hopes. Humanitarian changes to our immigration system continue to languish, with no hope of passage.

Turning Back the Clock on Progress:

Perhaps the most egregious example is the administration’s endless willingness to support Trump-era programs such as Title-42, and replacing the program with even tougher policies targeting asylum seekers. Now, migrants who arrive at the border are presumed ineligible for asylum, and advocates have had to sue the Administration to preserve our asylum system.

Trading Lives for Votes:

There’s an appalling willingness to trade away immigrant rights for other legislative priorities. President Biden and Congress are negotiating away human rights for more restrictions, including expanded detention for asylum seekers and restricting the use of humanitarian parole, for support on unrelated bills. This cynical approach treats human lives as bargaining chips, sacrificing the wellbeing of vulnerable individuals for political expediency.

Empty Gestures, Elusive Solutions:

Meanwhile, initiatives like the temporary parole programs offer mere stop-gap measures, not the comprehensive reform so desperately needed. In fact, it looks the Administration has stopped processing parole programs. These limited programs, while providing temporary relief for some, ultimately leave the underlying system broken and fail to address the root causes of migration.

Consequences of Inaction:

The human cost of these backpedals is immense. Families are torn apart, lives put on hold indefinitely, and hope replaced by despair. Thousands languish in limbo, denied due process and a chance to build a life in the United States. There are no solutions for the legal immigration system that is also woefully inadequate. We did not leave our homes for this America.

A Call to Action:

We cannot stand idly by as the Biden administration surrenders to political expediency and reneges on its promises. We must demand action, not mere lip service. We must call on our elected officials to prioritize human rights over political calculus and build an immigration system that is fair, efficient, and above all, humane.

The fight for immigrant rights is far from over. But it will require sustained pressure, unwavering voices, and a refusal to accept anything less than the just and equitable system we deserve. Let’s hold the Biden administration accountable, remind them of their promises, and push for the transformative change that millions of immigrants yearning for freedom and opportunity desperately need.

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