Lal Legal Sues State Department Over Denial of U.S. Passport Renewal

Our lawsuit against the State Department over denial of a U.S. passport to a U.S. citizen is featured in Prism News this week. The case concerns the State Department practice of denying U.S. passports to Americans due to delayed registrations of their birth, and placing higher burdens on Americans to prove the fact of their births. The Department has engaged in this racist and nefarious practice for more than a decade now almost exclusively targeting Americans of Mexican descent. According to the State Department, neither a U.S. birth certificate nor a U.S. passport is proof of U.S. citizenship.

Since the publication of this investigative piece, we have received dozens of emails, calls and supportive messages from across the United States, and are heartened by the show of support for Mr. Torres.

For people seeking to donate to our efforts on this litigation and future class actions on the matter, our co-counsel has a fund to help individuals who cannot pay for their own legal fees as going to trial against the government can often be cost-prohibitive.

We thank you for your time and generosity.

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