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For over a decade, we’ve worked extremely hard to make a positive difference in the lives of many individuals and small businesses. But don’t take our word for it. Here are several additional testimonials from clients and lawyers we have worked with in the past.[/vc_column_text][space height=”20″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row]
[vc_column width=”1/2″][testimonial testimoni=”“Prerna is an angel.
Prerna helped somebody who is very close to me find a path to naturalization in a situation that was very bleak (let’s call the person ‘Tom’ for confidentiality purposes). Prerna came up with a solution to this immigration predicament that Tom did not even know was available to him – Prerna knew of a visa he was entitled to because she truly listened to his story and picked up on a nuance. Prerna is smart, experienced and dedicated, but what sets her apart is her dedication to her clients. The emails she would write Tom were so uplifting, supportive and warm – it truly made Tom feel cared about and looked after, which was a feeling he was entirely unfamiliar with. Prerna encouraged Tom in his educational endeavors, she was a mentor to him in every sense.
Tom is now a proud permanent resident and after the waiting period following receipt of the Green Card elapses, he will be able to apply for citizenship in the only Country he has ever called home.
Tom actually reached out to Prerna for advice with respect to another legal issue, which was not even immigration-related. Prerna gave him referrals and connected him with multiple people who she asked to help him. Lawyers bill for their time by the hour, but Prerna never missed a call from Tom who was not even an active client of hers at that point and spent so much time trying to help him. But none of this was any surprise, because I had seen clips on the news of Prerna waiting at the airport for her client, Luis Mora, who had been detained by ICE in San Deigo in 2018 (Google it). She has a heart of Gold.
I am a natural-born citizen, but I have had the pleasure of knowing many immigrants who have unfortunately struggled with the immigration process. I also studied Immigration Law in school. I KNOW how hard this process is and I cannot recommend Prerna highly enough.
When Tom talks about Prerna, he gets misty-eyed, and so do I.“” name=”Emma A.” company=”U.S. Citizen”][testimonial testimoni=”“I was looking for a immigration attorney to file for my moms green card. I spoke to her once and decided immediately that she would be our immigration attorney. She is very easily approachable also ready to answer questions. Very prompt in responding to any questions. We really enjoyed working with her and she is a very kind, friendly and charming person to work with. Thank you for helping my mom get her green card.“” name=”Diana S.” company=”Immigration Client”][testimonial testimoni=”“I have been working with Prerna for almost 5 years. The process hasn’t been so easy but they have answered every question or doubt that I’ve had. I tend to ask a lot of questions and I always get an answer fast. Super approachable, I can reach Prerna though email or phone. They’ve helped me with various renewals and it’s always such a pleasure. Prerna has been super supportive and kind. The process has become way easier thanks to all their knowledge and patience. They’ve always looked out for me, which is always comforting because that’s how you they actually care. Really recommend working with Lal Legal! Thank you Prerna!“” name=”Juanita B.” company=”Immigration Client”][testimonial testimoni=”“I am writing this review on behalf of my mother & stepfather, who Prerna represented last year: We are very grateful to Prerna for winning our case and very satisfied with her work and service. She was very clear in her communication, promptly sent us a copy of our application for our records, and when she called us I did not get nervous or expect bad news. It felt like I was getting a call from a friend. She was very professional and kind and much better than other lawyers I have interacted with who talk down to clients who don’t know the law like them. She was nothing but kind. We can’t believe we won our case so easily and so quickly with her help. She went above and beyond for us, coming all the way to Fresno from the Bay Area to be there with us through our USCIS interview. We did not expect that at first. She is the best attorney we could have had and we will be forever grateful to her for changing our lives and keeping our family together. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a strong immigration lawyer.“” name=”Leslie J.” company=”U.S. Citizen”][testimonial testimoni=”“Go to Prerna! She’s so amazing. She helped me renew my DACA and then provided legal assistance to obtain my green card.  She was always so attentive and helpful despite handling so many cases.  She would often remind me to get all of my paperwork in as I was being irresponsible with getting in all the paperwork in needed to submit my case to USCIS. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer to go through this scary and confusing process as she is down to earth and above all, has a great sense of humor. I will be petitioning to remove my condition on residence and of course, I will be trusting Prerna to guide me through this process once again.“” name=”Linda S.” company=”Immigration Client”][testimonial testimoni=”“Prerna is absolutely amazing! They are fiercely dedicated to their clients. They relentlessly worked on my case. We had a very tight timeline for my case. Nevertheless, they completed everything that was required in a timely manner. They were extremely helpful and responsive. I had complete trust in their work.“” name=”Joana C.” company=”Immigration Client”][testimonial testimoni=”“Prerna has helped me since my UC Berkeley days with DACA renewals and just this past year she helped me with my permanent residency. She went above and beyond for my partner and I (we had a bit of a tricky case) and we were approved! Thank you Prerna for all you do!“” name=”Thelma N.” company=”Immigration Client”][testimonial testimoni=”“I don’t have words to express my gratitude to Prerna. They helped me with two DACA renewals and two advance paroles (AP). They were very supportive of me going abroad and they were always making sure I was fine. Even when they didn’t need to do all the extra work, they always did it. I am so thankful for their work. I recommend them to anyone who needs help with immigration issues. Prerna is the best. Thank you once again for all of your work and dedication to the immigrant community.“” name=”Genesis A.” company=”Immigration Client”][testimonial testimoni=”“Prerna was such a great source of help at a truly difficult time in my and my husband’s lives. We were scrambling to file his application for LPR status before application fees increased last year, and Prerna was able to file the application on extremely short notice. Throughout the process Prerna answered all of our silliest, most paranoid questions at all times of day and night and also thoroughly prepared us for our interview. As stressful as the process was, it was such a relief to have Prerna at our interview with us– to our relief we were approved within the next hour and a half! My husband is now a Legal Permanent Resident thanks to Prerna’s help. We truly could not have done this without their help and we were happy to have such an experienced, intelligent attorney with such a great sense of humor on our side.“” name=”MP” company=”Immigration Client”][testimonial testimoni=”“Prerna was very thorough in assisting me with paperwork and filing for my husband’s green card. She held phone conferences with us prior to the process while out of the country, and completed the lengthy paperwork thoroughly and correctly. My husband was issued his green card without issue. She is very responsive by both phone and email and helped make this a less stressful process and answered our questions and concerns. HIGHLY recommend her services.“” name=”Holly Koehmstedt” company=”Immigration Client”][testimonial testimoni=”“I am very happy to have contacted Ms. Prerna Lal; she is very professional, responds to any inquiries quickly and with no hesitation. She know first-hand the hardships of many of her clients, she inspires trust and confidence. She is truly a member of the community she serves. I couldn’t be more happy to have sent her that email asking for her help.“” name=”Brayan Vasquez” company=”Immigration Client”][/vc_column]

[vc_column width=”1/2″][testimonial testimoni=”“Prerna Lal is an excellent, highly knowledgeable Immigration Attorney, the most professional expert on Immigration, Refugee and Asylee rights I have ever communicated with. Prerna Lal (Lal Legal), assisted Abolish Slavery Coalition with better understanding an asylee case we have been involved with in order to support his case by sharing asylee worker rights and what is needed to obtain his documentation from USCIS after being granted asylum to help us navigate the immigration system. We would like to thank Prerna Lal, (Lal Legal), on behalf of AbolishSlavery.org for support with this important case in support of human rights, asylee rights.“” name=”Hannah H.” company=”Immigration Client”][testimonial testimoni=”“My husband and I consulted with Prerna throughout our marriage petition. She was such a great help– she answered all of our emails quickly, and always gave us very thorough and clear answers. We felt so confident that we were doing everything just right, and it really helped take a lot of stress out of the process, especially in comparison to another attorney we worked with in the past.“” name=”V.V.” company=”Immigration Client”][testimonial testimoni=”“Prerna did work for me as a young lawyer. Our client went on to win his Ninth Circuit appeal finding his felony conviction was not deportable. Great work and top notch legal mind.“” name=”Holly Cooper” company=”Professor of Law, UC Davis”][testimonial testimoni=”“Ms. Lal has been fighting to the rights of individuals and advocating fairness and equality for many years, including prior to becoming an attorney. She has founded immigrant youth groups that have helped countless children and young adults, is a contributor to newspapers such as the New York Times and USA today, and the Huffington Post. She assisted me directly performing research and drafting briefs on complicated legal issues so I have worked with her on legal matters, and can attest to her research and writing skills, and will to fight for what is right. Ms. Lal is an attorney who will fight for your rights and provide excellent legal service to you and your family.“” name=”Susan Bond” company=”Immigration Attorney”][testimonial testimoni=”“Prerna is truly the only attorney I trust with my deportation case. I know her knowledge of the law is superior, but most importantly, I know she truly understands what I am going through and will fight with me until the situation is resolved. Having worked with several lawyers before, I know that Prerna is a gift to the undocumented community. She walks the walk and will fight the fight.“” name=”Claudia Muñoz” company=”Immigration Client”][testimonial testimoni=”“Prerna is simply outstanding. At a time when money was tight and our options were limited, it seemed all was lost for my mom in fighting her deportation proceeding. However, when we were introduced to Prerna it is safe to say she became our beacon of hope. Her compassion, empathetic demeanor and deep knowledge of the immigration field eased our worries about what lie ahead. My entire family is forever grateful for her service and I hereby enthusiastically recommend Prerna without reservation.“” name=”Jonathan S.” company=”U.S. Citizen”][testimonial testimoni=”“Prerna Lal is the first person I always turn to for incisive and astute analysis of anything and everything in the world of U.S. immigration. Prerna calls it like it is, based on both the lived experience as an immigrant and organizer, as well as a lawyer. Whatever your immigration needs may be, you want Prerna Lal by your side, representing you with integrity, commitment and an incredible degree of professionalism.“” name=”Giselle Stern Hernández” company=”U.S. Citizen”][testimonial testimoni=”“Prerna Lal was courteous and professional in handling my case. She was always readily available for my inquiries and needs. I trust her completely, she is very knowledgeable and personable. You won’t find anyone better to handle your needs!

I had to visit my dad, whom I hadn’t seen in years, and Prerna helped me get all my travel documents together and oversaw the whole process. I don’t know when I would’ve had another opportunity to visit my dad, but luckily she was there.

Trust her.“” name=”Melody L.” company=”Immigration Client”][testimonial testimoni=”“Prerna is one of the top immigrant rights activists and lawyers in the country. She passionately, creatively and zealously fights for her clients. Prerna has a brilliant mind and a fierce determination to ensure justice for all. She has already accomplished so much, and no doubt has an incredibly bright future ahead of her.“” name=”Michael Mandel” company=”Immigration Attorney”][testimonial testimoni=”“I’m a recipient of a rare legislation known as ‘private immigration bill’ that was passed by both chamber of Congress and signed into law by the President on Dec 2012. The law granted me a U.S permanent resident status. Prerna was instrumental and played a crucial role in getting my private bill passed. She counseled me through the intense investigation by the United States Senate Judiciary Committee and the USCIS; she was available and was in constant communication with me even on weekends. She provided me her cell phone number for easy access to her because of the intense investigation and questions from the Senate Judiciary committee. Prerna demonstrated high level of professionalism and good mastery of immigration law. She went out of her way to create a petition through Change.org to solicit public support in an effort to pressure the House of Representatives to support my bill. She went above and beyond to ensure the passage of my private bill and she did all these pro-bono. Prerna is someone who feels passionate about helping people in legal needs; she didn’t have U.S permanent resident status herself at the time, and yet she worked tirelessly to help me get a residency status. It shows the kind of person she is.“” name=”Victor Chukwueke” company=”Immigration Client”][testimonial testimoni=”“I have known Prerna Lal for many years, she is very knowledgeable in all aspect of the Immigration Law. Prerna also helped me draft my letter for my I601-A waiver which was approved. She has always helped me with any questions and has been a great guidance before and after my immigration process. I recommend her for all your Immigration needs.“” name=”Cesilia Vega-Maldonado” company=”Immigration Client”][testimonial testimoni=”“Prerna advised me when I was dealing with a difficult situation with another immigration lawyer. She compassionately listened to the problem and helped me work through possible solutions. She is knowledgeable, extremely competent, and smart as a whip. I wish I could have hired her to handle our case from the start. I believe she would have been much more aggressive in pursuing all options and following up when issues arose.“” name=”Heather A.” company=”U.S. Citizen”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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